I too don't know whether you enjoyed writing this (as you put it on TiddlyWiki), but I enjoyed reading it, so thank you... 😀

I'm particularly interested in your buying the M1 Mac Mini, because I'm getting very tempted to do the same. I too have a 2017 iMac from near the top of the range, and in the ordinary run of things would probably keep it going for another couple of years (it's fast enough for everything I do in all honesty). But... new and shiny beckons, and the idea of keeping a high quality monitor with more frequently changing Mini is attractive. The idea of a 32" monitor instead of 2 smaller ones does sound attractive.

So, if you do post further when the M1 has bedded in, I'd be really interested in hearing how it compares to the iMac for performance, and how you get on with the (slight) reduction from 5k to 4k.

As your main use appears to be identical to mine (a computer is merely a device to play out the eternal Emacs Adoption/Rejection Cycle...😀) I'd love to hear what you think.

Many thanks!

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